When you knew the answer,

but you went with your teammate’s

answer instead!

Is that your final answer?? 

Clear winners

of the best team

name competition!

450 or Bust?




Showtime in 1 hour!



We are extremely proud of our most popular party, Epic Game Show!  The Epic team, have invested countless hours in the conception, creation and development of this extreme theme party.  Everyone should have a chance to experience this unique entertainment. 
Designed with fabulous visuals, this unique show is a surreal exciting party event.  It is team oriented and based our own game show theme.  Featuring an authentic full scale stage set with everything you would expect to see in a real Hollywood game show studio, including real game show podiums, giant video game board, and a comedic show host!  This party works for as many as 150 people, and smaller groups also work great! We plan everything for you, except prizes, so there is very little preparation on your part. 
Please note:  Only one Epic Game Show at a time is possible, as we only have one set, and one technical crew.  Availability is limited, so please book early.  


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