An interactive show that will get everyone involved.  Suitable for groups of ten or up to three hundred or more, and requires almost no organization on your part.
Face the Music is one of our most popular interactive parties, and is highly successful.  This does not have the visuals that Epic Game Show, but the entertainment is super fast paced and just as great!  The set is very simple, so almost any room is suitable, and we only require 1 hour for setup and sound check.
Face the Music is a team challenge event that tests your music knowledge in a name that tune fashion, but with crazy antics and … well somewhat questionable rules.  Really, there are two ways to take your team to to the winner’s circle.  Know your music when you hear it.  Or be the most creative and be willing to go just a little further than your opposing teams for bonus points!  Participation is completely voluntary as with all of our parties, but we normally see near 100% participation.
If you wanna see even the quiet & shy person in the office, get a little crazy and have some fun with everyone, Face the Music is an excellent choice!

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