You’ve seen American Idol.  You watched Simon crush the dreams of aspiring stars!  Well… we’re generally a little friendlier than that.  Karaoke Rock n’ Roll Challenge is a team building party format that your guests will find unforgettable!  This party format isn’t or the bashful.  To show the world… ‘er.. the office who the most talented up and coming stars are, your ‘teams’ are ‘rock bands’ on a mission!  
Epic will set the stage and each band comes dressed as their rock star idols and performs their hit track.  Air band style!  If you’re really brave, you can sing your heart out to the Karaoke version!  It sounds a little scary to get up on stage for a lot of people, so this show is not booked as often as our other formats, but each show we’ve played has been UNREAL fun.  Rock n’ Roll Challenge is highly recommended if you have people that will get up and be silly for 4 minutes of fame.  The costuming for this event makes for a really fun atmosphere too!  Call us for more details on this show.



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